Inside the Course

Take a look at what's inside the 4-week personal branding course.

  • 01

    The Personal Branding Course

    • Introduction: Stop Lying to Yourself

    • What to Know Before You Press Go

  • 02

    Part one: Take Inventory on Your Life

    • Download Week One Assignments

    • What the Heck is a Personal Brand?

    • Think of Yourself as the CEO of Your Own Company

    • Google Yourself

    • What Do You Think You Do?

    • What Do THEY Think You Do?

    • What Adjectives Define YOU?

    • What Are Your Strengths x 15?

    • What Do You Want to Improve On & How?

    • What Are Your Accomplishments?

    • Let's Talk Superpower

    • Who is Your Personal Brand For?

    • What Are Your 2023 Goals?

    • But Wait: Let Me Push You on That

    • What's Your Why? What Drives You to Care?

    • Finally -> What Do You Feel You Deserve?

    • Submit This Week's Assignments Here

  • 03

    Part two: Tell Your Story

    • Week Two Assignments to Download

    • Build Your Brand. Start With Your Story

    • What Do You Stand For? Pick Your Values.

    • Here Are My Personal Values

    • Write Your Personal Mission Statement

    • Famous Mission Statements

    • Write Your Mission Statement

    • What's Your 8-Second Tagline?

    • Build Your Story

    • Let's Write Your Story

    • Submit This Week's Assignments Here

  • 04

    Part Three: Design Your Brand

    • Week Three Assignments to Download

    • Get Your Brand Together

    • Define Your Voice

    • Pick Your Photos

    • Create a Logo (Optional)

    • Decide Your Colors & Fonts

    • Grab Some Inspiration

    • Decide Your Name

    • Now, Let's Build a Website

    • Submit This Week's Assignments Here

  • 05

    Part Four: Showcase Your Value

    • Week Four Assignments to Download

    • Share Your Value With Your Audience

    • Update Your Email Signature

    • Strategize Your Social Media

    • Optional: Speak Up & Use Your Voice

    • Optional: Extend Your Value (Blog, Podcast, Email Newsletter)

    • Optional: Resume + Cover Letter Update

    • Submit This Week's Assignments Here

  • 06

    THE END! What's Next For Ya?

    • Finish Line Words + Next Steps

    • Personal Branding Course Feedback

    • Spread the Word

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